You are welcome to this exciting world of learners. Supreme Education Foundation is born from a strong partnership between our families, our community, and the professional educators that make us up.

The world is fast changing and the new generation is resilient at keeping up. You will agree with me that globalization, the advent of information technology and of course the development of a knowledge-based economy are leading to change in an unprecedented rate and scale.

At Supreme, we have carefully integrated the Nigeria curriculum with the British curriculum. Our lessons are delivered using the British methodology of critical thinking and problem solving. Educators at SEF have hereby inspired a deeper learning culture by focusing on children’s ability to provide solutions with acquired knowledge and not just memorizing facts, but doing so in the context and curiosity of the world children live in and making meaningful connections that help learning become a transformational process.

Through the years from Creche to Year 12 (senior secondary school 3), our children experience a balanced curriculum that prepares them for the world at large. No wonder our alumni are everywhere in the world and thriving because they have been upstretched with a learning culture that builds on prior knowledge, hence they are equipped to be lifelong learners.

Our facilities are constantly updated to accommodate our learning adventures. The children are motivated to learn and the educators are excited to impact knowledge.

Supreme is a purposeful and progressive educational institution. I am happy to be a part of the most dynamic and transformative Education organization. Join us today and you will agree with me that our learning system is indeed SUPREME!